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Simple, Quick & Nutritious

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In this month's edition of the Wellness Vault you get a simple, quick, and nutritious plan. This is one of my favorite plans so far because it is SO PRACTICAL. I have tried this out with a couple old clients of mine, and they LOVE it! In my opinion, simplicity is best. However it can be difficult to get the full nutrient spectrum when you simplify too much. This plan hits the nail on the head as it is easy, realistic for the busy individual, yet there is variety and it is packed with nutrition. Also Included are - *Carb Cycling Guide: This guide was requested by many of you! Even if you don't plan on using this method, take a look at the guide as there are some gems within, such as a complex carb guide that some of you also asked for. *Meal Prepping 101: This guide simplifies meal prepping with simple tips and tricks to make healthy eating so much easier. *How to Read Food Labels: This guide is an amazing way to show people how to shop for clean products. The guide demonstrates how to spot added sugars, harmful preservatives/colors, harmful oils, and more. Unfortunately shopping for healthy food is no longer common sense. Use this guide to help clear the confusion. *Strength Training Fitness Guide: This was requested by several members. I aimed to make myself look as unrecognizable as possible. You could swap out the photos for ones of yourself if you wish, or use it as is.

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