Love of Honey

As a little girl I remember going out with my father to take care of the bees. On those wonderful sunny afternoons, I was taught so much. It was a special time, watching him work with the bees and learning about the beautiful buzzing creatures. We would spend quite time in an open meadow while I learned how important the bees are to the natural cycle of our planet and how beneficial their honey was for us. Wonderful lessons that I have taken with me through my life.

We used raw honey to sweeten our food and drinks, but we also used it as tool for healing. I did not know then all the remarkable attributes of honey but what I did know was that it could heal! I used it on burns and infections, for ourselves and our animals. One specific incident that I always refer to was a horse that had been burned. He had sustained burns over his entire body. All the medications and salves that were recommended to us did not help. After several days with no progress, we took raw honey and applied it over all the burns. After just one day there was significant healing. Raw honey is an incredible gift to us, not just a food but a natural healing agent as well.

There are numerous benefits of raw honey and bees wax. It is important to know that the benefits are from raw honey. Most of the jars of honey that we can by on the aisle of any grocery store have been pasteurized. When the honey is pasteurized it kills the yeast, improves the shelf life, removes crystallization and improves color and texture but it also removes all the health benefits that we could receive by consuming the unpasteurized honey.

Honey contains phytonutrients, a compound found in plants that protect them from harm. The phytonutrients provide the raw honey with antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Raw honey also contains a natural form of hydrogen peroxide which gives it antiseptic properties.

Some of the positive effects of raw honey are:

❖ Provides good bacteria for your overall digestive health

❖ Contains polyphenols which help protect your body from cell damage caused by free radicals. This makes it an antioxidant and has been shown to:

o Reduce stroke risk

o Reduce heart attack risk

o Reduce blood pressure

o Reduce certain types of cancer

❖ Does not increase blood sugar levels as much as refined sugar

❖ Can lower triglycerides

❖ Can help improve cholesterol

❖ It is cholesterol free, fat free, sodium free, gluten free

The bees wax that is a biproduct of honey is also exceptionally good for us. It is packed with vitamin A and aids in the development of healthy skin cells. It can aid in the following:

❖ Reduces acne

❖ Rejuvenates the skin

❖ Improves blood circulation in the skin

❖ Can remove toxins from the skin

❖ Can help with eczema and psoriasis

❖ Soothes skin irritations

Bees wax is also beneficial to us when made into candles. The candles that we buy in the stores are mostly made from paraffin. Paraffin is an oil-based petroleum by product. These candles also have toxic chemicals added to them to make them smell and look good. Bees wax candles made with essential oils are a great alternative. They smell good and are packed with benefits.

When you burn a bee’s wax candle you are getting:

❖ Clean burn

❖ Much longer burn time then paraffin

❖ Dripless

❖ Brighter flame

❖ While burning they purify the air

Overall, from the honey to the wax, bees give us products that have the ability to nourish and heal us. Our small buzzing friends work hard, not only to provide us with these gifts, but they keep our world pollinated. What amazing creatures.

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