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As an Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Alisha, founder of Heritage Havens is continually educating the community in balanced wellness through sharing education in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an alternative form of medicine, a holistic way of living to encourage you to actively live in a balanced state.

The name "Ayurveda" is translated, "Ayhu" meaning "Life" or "Longevity" and "Veda" meaning "Science" or "Sacred Knowledge". Making the definition "Science of Life" or more traditionally known as "The Sacred Science of Life"

To live in true Ayurveda style ones Environment, Mind, and Body must be in balance. The same Sanskrit writings that developed yoga is also the source of Ayurveda, so it is no coincidence that self care rituals are a huge part of living Ayurvedically. If you are looking for preventative, supportive, strength, or healing we invite you to discover more with us.


We have many tools that help us find imbalances that may be leading to illness, or instability. 

  • AO Technology, gives us the ability to measure imbalances throughout the body using energy and frequency through bio-feedback. The system gives a report of the body as well as provides balancing harmonics that trigger the nervous system and brain to balance out.

  • Questionnaire, our questionnaire is designed to coincide with the AO report so that we can find triggers to the imbalances.

  • SRT Therapy, SRT stands for Subconscious Release Technique. This is a therapy to help us target mental triggers, and clear those triggers through a guided meditation process. These triggers can be trauma that registered an emotional reaction and now has become a pattern that is limiting you. 

  • Herbalism, we employ the use of plant based products to clean your home environment of toxins that way your body down. Ayurveda uses herbs in foods daily to keep the body clear, as well as topically to calm the nervous system.

  • Yoga, ancient form of self healing, self awareness, stability, and strength from the bodies core to the awareness. Yoga  plays a vital role in an Ayurvedic lifestyle as yoga allows the mind and body to communicate while building strength, releasing trapped energy, and detoxing environmental, relationship, and physical stress.


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We are excited that you have chosen to place your faith in us, our promise is to be here for you each step of the way. Our services come in many forms, and can always be customized to fit your needs by booking a complimentary consult with us at the link below.

While there are many ways to learn at your own pace through our membership portal, getting involved in community is always the best way! Membership is free and once a member you can discover our free resources as well as a community group forum to connect with other members on the same journey or just stay up to date.

We provide options for personal one to one coaching or group coaching to make the journey more cost efficient. 

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